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An elastic, highly-available API for accessing blockchain data. Powered by Boost™ technology, requests are handled up to 300% faster than other solutions. Globally-distributed architecture scales with your needs and provides the best possible performance for your dApp.

Featuring QuikNode Boost An acceleration layer for maximum performance. Your secret weapon for an ultra-fast dApp. Boost accelerates your Ethereum node API calls with an intelligent caching layer.

All QuikNode services have Boost enabled so your users can enjoy the best experience!

Data retention
QuikNode Boost
Advanced Analytics
HTTP Endpoint
WebSocket Endpoint
Community Support
Priority Support
Health Monitoring
Automatic Updates
Hard Fork Support


500 Requests / Day
2 Requests / Second

Most popular


$10.00 / mo
10,000 Requests / Day
10 Requests / Second
1 month


$200.00 / mo
2,000,000 Requests / Day
50 Requests / Second
3 months


$900.00 / mo
10,000,000 Requests / Day
150 Requests / Second
12 months

Key Features

Native JSON-RPC Interface

Use all of the API's & SDK you're already familiar with.

HTTPS & Websockets

Flexible connectivity to suit your app.

Automatic Updates

Node & network upgrades handled automatically.

Simple Control Panel

Easy to start & manage your account.

Advanced Analytics

Insights into how your node is performing and more.

Dedicated Help

Expert support from engineers & community sources

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